Here are Rev. Larry’s sermons starting with his most recent and going back to July 2018.

Let Your Love Shine

December 16, 2018
God made us Jesus-like, so we are called to reflect the light of Jesus to those in the darkness. John 1:1-5.

Following the King of Truth

November 25, 2018
Jesus did not come to seek power for himself but to share the truth for the sake of us. John 18:33-38a.
You may not want to respond to God's call in your life, but if you lift up your objections in prayer, you'll find God tearing them down so God can build you up for obedience. Exodus 4:1-17.
According to James, hospitality based on partiality is partial hospitality at best. How can we do better than that in welcoming all to our church? James 2:1-8.
Anywhere can be a place of welcome and anybody can be a guest, because opportunities for hospitality happen when you least expect them. Genesis 18:1-15.