Here are Rev. Larry’s sermons starting with his most recent and going back to July 2018.

God is calling you to let go of the fear that you fight your battles on your own, so you can trust that God is with you in your struggles. Psalm 27:1-9a.

Given and Forgiven

February 24, 2019
Just as we have been given daily bread and forgiven of our sins, so we should give to others and forgive others. Matthew 6:9-13.

Sharing Our Passions

February 3, 2019
Church should not be a place where people are bored to death but where our passions come to life. Acts 20:7-12.

Judging Stereotypes

January 13, 2019
The best way to respond to stereotypes of Christians is for us to be a better a type of Christian. Matthew 7:1-5.
Whether we're ready or not, the good news of God's love in Jesus Christ is coming and it will find you. Luke 2:1-20.