Here are Rev. Larry’s sermons starting with his most recent and going back to July 2018.

Peace in a world of war, healing for an ongoing illness, unity in a time of deep division -- these are just some examples of prayers that God seems to…

United in God’s Love

September 29, 2019
There are so many ways the world seeks to divide people -- northerners versus southerners, Republicans versus Democrats, Yankees fans versus Red Sox fans. As people of faith, let us…

Leverage Your Position

September 1, 2019
All of us have a position in life, something we can use to influence other people. That position gives you power, which you can choose to use for good or…

Washing Feet Together

July 28, 2019
As the Son of God, Jesus had all power and authority given to him. Yet his example in washing the disciples' feet and going to the cross shows that he…

Multiplying Joys

July 21, 2019
Experiencing gratitude by yourself can add to your joy, but gratitude with others multiplies it. Psalm 122.